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Custom Homes

In this competitive real estate market, house hunting has become more difficult than ever. You will face constant competition with other buyers, scheduling conflicts (an open house at noon on a Wednesday? It’s your top choice for a home? Guess you’ll have to miss some work!) and when you do choose to bid, wars that could put you out of the race. At this point, a custom home can look incredibly appealing!

Design Build

Did you know there isn’t just one way to build a house? The most traditional way first involves hiring an architect who will design your home from scratch or alter an existing plan. With plans in hand, you will then hire a contractor who will bring this plan to fruition with the help of skilled sub-contractors.

Home Builder Services

As you can imagine, building a house is a big job. New construction employs designers, contractors, builders, inspectors and crews of subcontractors. Your job throughout the process will be to communicate with everyone involved. Never be afraid to ask questions and make suggestions—this is your home, after all!

Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes are commonly known as mobile homes. They are a type of prefabricated housing, assembled in a factory and then transported to the build site. There is no assembly required on site, and they have their own wheeled chassis for movement.

Modular Homes

Modular homes are constructed in box-like modules which are then pieced together on site. Your entire home can be built within six months with a flawless construction schedule due to a streamlined indoor manufacturing process in which weather can never interfere.

New Home

So you’re thinking about buying a new home. We’re happy to help you out with that decision! Whether you’re purchasing a home in a new development, or having one custom built, new homes are a great investment for your future.

Prefab Homes

Pre-fabricated homes, encompass manufactured and modular homes: two affordable options for the new homeowner that is sick of renting and wants to take charge of their life. By choosing prefab, you take yourself out of the overpriced and cut-throat housing market and free up your mind to imagine what kind of prefab home you’re going to build.